• “The nutritional advice specific to me was a very important element for me on the Retreat. It was professional, informative, positive and empowering. Thank you Becs!”

  • “Becs is a phenomenal nutritionist. She has amazingly detailed knowledge which she is able to explain in simple terms. Working with Becs has really empowered me to know that I am in charge of my health and wellbeing – and that’s a wonderful feeling!”

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  • “The Retreat week gave me an unexpected change of direction in my life and I am really excited about living a healthier, stronger, happier & cleaner Life! Since then I have been making all the right decisions and haven‘t struggled at all!”

  • “You have really helped me to make a difference with my food and I feel so much more informed in terms of what to feed my body and how to look after it. You have made food make sense to me and I really admire your knowledge and dedication, thank you for all your on going support and advice.”

  • “I have to say Becs has changed my life and my health. I am now eating a really clean diet, I feel and look great and it’s all down to her!”