Dr Kelly Brogan Smoothy recipe

My KB Smoothie Experience! (& Recipe)

Here is a little recipe that I wanted to share with you – as I always like to experiment on myself before I recommend anything to clients or others that are interested in food as medicine…  I mean, how can I tell what the reaction will be if I haven’t tried it! I had the […]

Tips to ease your digestion

7 Tips to Ease your Digestion

Happy New Year! So the festive season is over and often no matter how hard we try, at the beginning of January we can feel tired, sluggish and our energy is low. 

As it’s still winter, it’s not the ideal time to begin a cleanse – but there are some restorative & practical things that you can do, that will help relieve your digestion and help you to start feeling more like yourself again!

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Chicken Broth – Good for the soul?

As the end of 2016 comes closer, I hope that you can look back over this  year with joy and feel good about your achievements.  For me this year has has certainly been busy at times and there are always things I think I can improve upon.  One of my tasks was to become a […]