7 Tips to Ease your Digestion

Tips to ease your digestion

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Happy New Year! So the festive season is over and often no matter how hard we try, at the beginning of January we can feel tired, sluggish and our energy is low. 

As it’s still winter, it’s not the ideal time to begin a cleanse – but there are some restorative & practical things that you can do, that will help relieve your digestion and help you to start feeling more like yourself again!

  1. Drink Warm Water with Lemon Juice. As your first drink of the day, this will help to cleanse your digestive tract, stimulate the bowel to open and help your liver function.
  2. Try Activated Charcoal. This is a great very gentle supplement that can help to clear toxins and chemicals from the body as it traps them into its fine pores.  It can be useful for those of you that suffer with bloating and gases.
  3. Rest your Digestion.  Cut back on alcohol, processed foods, chocolate, cheese and bread – all of these tax our digestion and affect the natural process of absorption and elimination.
  4. Try Fermented Foods Fermented foods are high in “good bacteria” and eating them will help you to regenerate your gut flora naturally. Why not try some sauerkraut or some goat kefir every day, but start slowly and build up the quantity.

5. Take Some Time for Self Care.  Use Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate) in your bath two or three times a week – let the power of magnesium rejuvenate the body and help give you optimal sleep.
6.  Drink Some Herbal Tea.  There are many herbs out there that are digestive tonics, so why not utilise the ones that you like the best – here are a few you can choose from: Peppermint, chamomile, fennel, ginger, nettle or dandelion.
7. Exercise.  Try to go for a walk, do some restorative yoga, or maybe a swim – all of these help to stimulate your digestive system as well as being supportive for your brain and mental health.

These are just a few gentle ways that we can help our bodies on a daily basis, you could try and incorporate a few of these into your daily routine and see the difference!

Good Luck!

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