Easy Detox Tool for Happy Hormones!

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Our body’s are amazing things – they are constantly working to give us balance and energy from the nutrients being converted from our food to nourish our cells, as well as removing toxins, chemicals and excess hormones.

We have natural detoxification pathways that process and clear chemicals, cellular waste and hormones from the body and this is how we avoid the buildup of unwanted toxicity and ensure that all of our body’s processes are working efficiently. When our pathways for detoxification are blocked or are not working efficiently, we can’t produce and use hormones and neurotransmitters optimally.

So, because we live in a crazy world that is full of toxins and we are all often exposed to chronic stress, these things alone can quickly knock our hormones out of balance….  And when this happens, our energy, mood and our skin often follows too.

Our hormone balance is the key to good fertility, ensuring that sex hormones are working together to support conception and a healthy pregnancy. So if you’re trying to get pregnant, this is one technique you should definitely try out.

To naturally support our detoxification pathways we can provide our bodies with specific nutrients – this can help to reduce stress and there is also Castor Oil Packing…

Castor oil, made from the castor bean seed and has been used therapeutically since ancient times, both topically and internally. Castor oil has been used to stimulate bowel movements or to increase circulation, but topically castor oil packs can be placed over the abdomen to enhance liver function, stimulate the healthy flow of lymph fluid, decrease inflammation, and help treat chronic constipation.(1)

Castor Oil Packs for Liver Detoxification

Using a piece of cotton cloth, folded twice to cover most of your abdomen.
Slowly drizzle the castor oil over the cloth and squeeze it together to cover it fully.
Do not pour on too much, the cloth will get very full and messy!

To use:

Lay the oiled cotton pack across your abdomen and cover with an old towel or put on an old t-shirt.
You can secure the pack in place using an athletic bandage or strip of fabric – or cling film (ensuring the cling film doesn’t touch the skin).
Leave the pack on for 45 minutes – 1 hour.
To enhance effectiveness, cover the pack with a hot water bottle.

Ideally, you should use this time to relax, meditate, or read.

When finished with the pack, take off the cotton cloth and fold it up and keep in a sealed container.  The cloth can be reused up to 40 times, but you will need to add additional castor oil to the pack every time.  Wash yourself well to remove any castor oil from the skin.

Castor oil packing can be done 3 or 4 nights a week, consecutive nights seem to give the best results.  I would recommend that you do this for 3 weeks, then have 1 week rest (for women this would be the week when you are menstruating), then begin again.  I would recommend that you do this for 3 months to really see a difference.
**Alternatively, you may rub a small amount of castor oil directly over your abdomen in a clockwise direction and wear a white shirt to bed. Make sure it’s a shirt you don’t mind staining – castor oil will darken fabric over time and you may want to protect your bed sheets too.

PLEASE NOTE! Castor Oil does stain… Please use it away from anything that you would want to wear out and it may be good to protect chairs, beds and sofas with a towel when you are relaxing with the pack on!

ADVISE: If you are pregnant or breast feeding I would advise NOT to use ANY castor oil packing – as you don’t want to release any toxicity during this time that could affect your baby.  

Castor oil packs are a simple and are a natural way to increase circulation and support natural detoxification pathways and your hormones!

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I hope that you can try it!