What can a Wellness Weekend do for you…?

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For the last two summer’s I have run wellness nutrition weekends in Devon….  Why am I telling you about these you might be wondering…..?

Mainly because I wanted to share the feedback that has come from these experiences – you can see why I continue to run them!  But also to promote how important it is to understand how food really plays such a huge role in long term health in our modern lives.  

A wellness weekend, or a cleanse weekend is really about hitting the reset button.  For some people just on their food and for others on their whole lives!  These weekends are aimed to give you a space to ‘be’, relax and let go.  But at the same time allowing you the space think outside of your usual box…. As those thoughts and feelings are often ushered away to one side….

Here are some of the testimonial’s

“I always think that results speak for themselves…. I can honestly say everyone on the retreat looked healthier & more relaxed. All the staff involved were truly wonderful, caring and compassionate. I feel as though my mind and body have been truly nourished!”

“This retreat was a great experience and has helped me re-calibrate and be more considerate about the food I am eating.  Becs is beyond knowledgeable and her expertise and persona is calm, kind and generous.  I would highly recommend spending some time with this team!”

“The Cleanse Weekend – It changed my life for the better last year.  I have given up my stressful full time job and practice yoga as well as pilates now and include superfoods on my breakfast!”

“The retreat and the information provided by Becs has definitely made me realise – I must take better care of myself! I feel I have a better understanding of nutrition and how essential it is for optimum functioning. Becs is very effective at making nutrition become more accessible in terms of understanding how it should be approached. What is wonderful is that I enjoy taking better care of myself, the retreat and Bec’s input were instrumental in my being able to do this.”






I love food, I love making food and especially for others to enjoy when it is going to feed every cell in their body!  So, when I start to structure a wellness weekend – I am always thinking of the end result….  How are my guests going to feel, what will they enjoy – but always what do they need…

Our food is clean, unfussy, nutrient dense & easy to prepare…… always gluten & sugar free and mainly grain free too….but we don’t skimp on the tasty afternoon treats or evening desserts which will inspire you to eat well and enjoy good food!  Education on how to eat isn’t part of our mainstream education and the internet can be confusing – so we aim to give you easy tips to take home and all the recipes to keep you on track!

I feel I have managed to deliver (along with my amazing team – Mel, Clare & Philippa!) what people want and from the feedback I think I have succeeded, but there is always room for improvement – so lets see what this year brings….

If you are feeling in need of a reboot, why not explore the idea of a long weekend in Devon, enjoy the space, green countryside and great food….. always topped with yoga, meditation and massage – nothing is compulsory, time is your own… come and experience it for yourself.

17th – 20th August, Bala Brook Wellness Retreat, Devon – for more information click below:

7th – 10th September, Eden Rise Barns, Pre Equinox Gentle Cleanse – for more information click below:

To book your place or to find out availability or ask a question, please email me on: becs@inspiredwellbeing.org