Chaga tea for Flu

Beat the Winter Flu Season…

There has been a considerable amount of nasty viruses and flu in and around Europe this winter – following what was the worst flu season in Australia for 20 years….

If you are someone that has beaten it off so far, or you are in recovery, there are some important tips I can share with you that might just help you bounce back.

Come on – lets give your body a hand!

Love Your Gut. 

There is approximately 70% or so of your immune system down there! By taking a good quality probiotic, it can go a long way in supporting a health immune system.  There are many out there on the market – so look for one that has many different strains of bacteria – as each different species does a different job!


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Cauliflower & Coconut Pizza

Cauliflower & Coconut Pizza

It was New Years Eve and we were meeting friends for a lunchtime gathering with our children…..  The invite said ‘bring some food to share’, so I got thinking….  What could I take without having to go and buy anything!? Cauliflower and Coconut Pizza

I had a couple of recipes for making Paleo Pizza bases – one was with cauliflower and seeds.  The other was with coconut flour and eggs.  Now I had tried them both in the past and both were nice – so I thought I would experiment and combine the two!  This is how it came out….

Cauliflower & Coconut Pizza Bases

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