Brain Boosting Tips

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Have you ever found yourself struggling with brain fog, poor concentration, depression or anxiety?

These are not normal symptoms, but seem to be on the increase, particularly in women.  These symptoms are signs that there are other imbalances within the body, including our hormones…..we Just have to learn how to read them.

Especially after all the festivities – the New Year is a great time to look at lifestyle and what we can do to support our long term health.  If you feel that your brain is suffering keep reading for some simple changes/additions to your lifestyle.

Here are 5 tips that can be quickly implemented to start boosting your brain function:

Eat Fermented Foods.

Research now shows a strong connection between what grows in your gut and how your brain functions.  By eating foods rich in the “good bugs” can help balance your gut, which can improve your mood…. my work using the GAPS protocol has shown me great results over the years. For more info, look here

Eat Oily Fish

Consume Omega-3 fatty acids 2-3 times a week, like those found in wild salmon, sardines and mackerel.  Scientific studies show that they can help to decrease inflammation and can improve your mood.


Take just 5 minutes every day to quieten the mind and focus on your breath.  You can find your brain is sharper – while also improving your mood and concentration.


Get yourself into bed at a good time to ensure you have at least 7 hours of good quality sleep in a dark room. This is a non-negotiable when it comes to brain health. This is when all your “repair” chemicals come out, to put you at your best for the next day.   *** Don’t forget to turn off your mobile phone (or put it on flight mode) as it can interfere with your relaxing brain waves.

Drink Green Tea.

Green tea is rich in L-Theanine.  This is an amino acid that can cross the blood brain barrier and may help to prevent age related memory decline.  Don’t over do it though….. as it still contains caffeine!