How to Stay Happy and Balanced in the Festive Season…

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I hope you’re not getting to submerged with all the parties, shopping and general madness that can land upon us in the Festive Season…

It can be difficult but try not to be totally distracted from your goals or resign yourself to an overindulgent time and then be hard on yourself in the New Year…  I’m going to share with you a number of strategies to keep you feeling sane this Christmas!

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Focus On Small, Manageable Goals

When it comes to holiday stress, worrying about your weight can put major stress on your fun. You know that the Festive Season is not the time to put the pressure on yourself to lose weight.  So focus on maintenance.

Whether you’re trying to maintain or just move through the holidays healthfully, try breaking a larger goal into smaller bite-sized pieces.  It is far more effective and manageable. 

This allows you to focus and be in control.  Try to eat a healthy protein / fiber dense breakfast every day and stay hydrated which can often be harder in the winter months…

Manage Your Metabolism

Hormones, stress, and metabolism are closely tied up together.  If one is off there is a good chance some of the others are too. For example, a sluggish thyroid means weight gain, a bad mood, and thinning hair. 

If you suspect your thyroid is struggling, try the following:
Eliminate gluten from your diet.  No, not because it’s a fad diet, but because it has been shown to be a major trigger with inflammation and autoimmune problems.  Gluten could be the reason you’re fatigued, bloated and gaining weight.
Balance your essential minerals – copper, zinc and selenium. All are crucial for supporting the thyroid gland and hormone production.  Eating nuts and seeds can be a good source.
Add vitamin D to your daily regimen. The best food sources are from liver and low-mercury fish such as herring, sardines and cod. Sunshine is the best, but the winter months just don’t give us the rays we need – unless you are in the tropics!
Try and remember that using functional testing can really help to pinpoint what is going on for you.  Why not book a functional nutrition appointment in the New Year or gift someone you love the opportunity!

Move More

Walking, yoga, running, or simply parking further away from the office – it all counts! Movement is so important in helping to reduce stress levels and in fact, is essential for health!

You don’t need to devote hours to the gym, moving for shorter periods of time throughout the day still provides a host of benefits. Getting in a walk to work or having 20 minutes in the park at lunchtime are great ways to reduce stress and activate your metabolism.

Be creative this holiday season and try something different – go ice-skating with the children (or your friends!), try a new yoga or spin class to get your blood and metabolism moving. 

Regardless of what you choose, your goal is to move more. 

Swap it Around  

Changing your options this Festive Season is really important, this way you stay in control.  Instead of meeting friends for coffee and cake – suggest a walk in the park.  Swap the sugar-laden office sweets for some 70%+ dark chocolate instead…

Plan the meals that you are making.  Make sure you avoid the “white stuff” – meaning white sugar, sugar substitutes, flour, and gluten.  These should be exchanged for high fiber, nutrient-packed alternatives like quinoa/buckwheat or dates or other dried fruit. 

These “swaps” will help you stay fuller for longer, avoiding the carb cravings that often arise. 

Don’t go out Hungry!

This doesn’t mean making a three-course meal at home!  But get some healthy vitamins and minerals in beforehand – have a protein smoothie or some hummus and crudite to keep your blood sugar balanced.

With all the party invitations and nights out on the town that come along this time of year – always remember to eat!  Making some healthy choices at home means that you are less likely to gorge on everything in sight!

But most of all be present and enjoy the moment… 

Spending time with friends and family members can come with its own stresses and strains – but pace yourself!  Don’t try and please everyone all of the time – you need to rest and relax too!

Festive greetings to you!
Becs x

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