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At the end of last year I was asked to contribute to an article that was published in the magazine of the Western Morning News – called West….  It was quite an experience for me to write – as I haven’t ever seen it as a particular ‘talent’ of mine!  It was duely published and I should really add it to my portfolio…

But at the beginning of this year I was approached by Kaliyoga to write an article for them to be put forward to Yoga Magazine!  Well, the subject was Nutrition and Menopause and was to be my thoughts and understanding of the ‘Hormone and Menopause’ weeks they are started to run at Kaliyoga, Spain.

I jumped at the chance and am super pleased to say that it was published in the May 2019 edition of Yoga Magazine!

The article focuses on my experience of these ‘Hormone and Menopause’ weeks from a nutritional perspective.  As a woman approaching her mid forties (eek!!) I am aware of what is coming – but this focus has allowed me to put more emphasis on my own life and what I need now to help for the future!

It has been a great experience – sharing information on nutrition for hormone balancing and also we spend an evening talking about toxicity and how that has a knock on effect to our body and mind… but specifically our hormones too!  I try to offer this information in an expansive manner – not to overwhelm, but to educate – not only for us, but for our family and especially our children.

The May edition is available in all good independant newsagents as well as the likes of WH Smith and Sainsbury!  If you’re interested, but can’t find a copy – there is a digitally copy here:

I am looking forward to maybe writing a little more now, possible again for Yoga Magazine – I have been encouraged!

My thanks go to Kaliyoga – for the opportunity to write, but also for the work I participate in with them throughout the year!  If you would like to know more about the Hormones and Menopause week – please click here to the Kaliyoga Retreats Website

Also thanks to Yoga Magazine – I look forward to seeing other articles coming soon!