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Boost Your Immune System – Webinar!

I had often thought how nice it would be to offer free information to large groups of people – but have never had the courage to do it!

Well, now with the Corona Virus ‘lockdown’ all around the world – there wasn’t a better time.

I understand that people are worried and even scared about the next few months and even longer with the impact this might have across the planet.  People, jobs, food and finances are all being affected…  so I put together a detailed webinar to offer ways through using nutrition you can support your immunity.

The password to access the recording is: Immunity

The entire recording is just under 2 hours long.  So, if you are looking looking for specific information – please look at the timings I have listed below.  Then you can skip about and listen to the parts most relevant to you.

There are offers and discounts available for consultations with me – booked in March and April 2020.  But also discounts for supplements that are mentioned below.

Disclaimer: 6:50
What is your Immune System 7:52
Digestive System & Immunity 9:30
Fluids: 15.31
What not to Eat 29.40
Food to Eat – Broth: 37.00
Soup: 41.56
Vegetables: 43.37
Fruits: 1.01:20
Proteins: 1.06:50
Fats: 1.12:16
Medicinal Mushrooms: 1.16:52
Fermented Foods: 1.25:10
Bee Products: 1.27:30
Vitamins: 1.29:00
Minerals: 1.35:42
Other Supplements: 1.37:40
Lifestyle Factors: 1.46:21
Discounts & Offers!
There are discount codes available in this presentation for Hifas da Terra, on the end of the medicinal mushrooms section.

There is also a discount offer from all products bought from The Natural Dispensary, which is listed at the end of the ‘Other Supplements’ section.  Please make use of them!

I am also offering a reduced rate for consultations and follow up sessions for all of you that signed up for this presentation.  If you would like to make use of this – please just get in touch:

For those of you that are coming on one of my summer wellness weekends – I am still intending on going ahead with these – I think we will all need one by then!  We have a long way to go – 4 months!  And there are still some places on the Gentle Cleanse Weekend, which will now be upgraded to Cleanse and Boost your Immunity!  Please contact me if you are interested in attending – there are payment plans available!