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Balancing Mood and Anxiety with Food – Webinar Recording

During these challenging recent weeks – I decided that I would like to offer some free information on Balancing Mood, to help my clients and others that are interested in natural health.

I have proved to myself that I can ‘be online’ and ‘live’!  Something I have always shied away from, so this is progress for me…. just as once I would never have stood in front of a group and given a talk – but that is also history now!

It is important that we challenge ourselves in life.  The current isolation and restriction on our movements in itself is a challenge for most of us.  But it is also not in our control and I feel has increased everyone’s stress levels and put a strain on many relationships.

But for some, the impact can be much greater – affecting and lowering mood, increasing anxiety often bringing on panic attacks.  Our mental health is so important now and for our new future….  So understanding how we can support this with the food that we eat is imperitive.

I also consider how this is affecting our children.  Isolation and confinement are difficult for us all, but as highly social beings with the natural instincts to play and connect with others – it is our children and teens we should keep a close eye on over the coming months.

For those of you that may have missed it or are not currently subscribed to my mailing list – here is a copy of the recorded webinar on Balancing Mood and Anxiety with Food & Supplementation.

If you are looking for an easy starting point with food – here are a couple of recipes from my blog pages that could be useful.

The KB Smoothie

Sweet Potato & Quinoa Salad Bowl

I hope you enjoy them!

If you need any further help or information, then please do get in touch and lets chat about how I might be able to support your further. You can email me:

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