About Rebecca:

I have always been fascinated with food and not always the healthiest types! After spending many years of self-educating and being the ‘healthy’ girl in the office, I would share the virtues of my salads, quinoa and homemade soups against the world of white bread cheese sandwiches with pickle. I thought it was time to study nutrition in more depth.

Although successful in the office world, I never felt as if what I did made a big difference to the people around me.  But now, I regularly hear how I have inspired and re-educated people to lead a healthier lifestyle.  When it comes to what they eat and their nutrition, they have more vitality, sustained energy and feel more in-tune with their own bodies.  It is this that makes me very happy!

Inspired through studying the human body and its ability to respond to healing through nutrition.  I see myself as an architect in rebuilding the environment for the nutrients to work.  Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal if they are given the correct tools and my aim is to educate clients to know how to do this.

My Experience:

My passion in developing my skills, I constantly live the life I advocate to my clients. I like to experience all my treatments and advice before offering this information to clients.  This way I know how certain protocols will feel and then I can offer advice on situations that may arise.

I have experienced working with clients from many different backgrounds and with many different health issues and nutrition can always make a difference.

Continuous Development:

Natural nutrition is a gentle art; we are working with the whole body not just symptoms and often when the case is more complicated it stirs my curiosity and drive to learn more.  I spend much of my spare time reading, researching and listening to speakers in this field.

I trained with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride in 2015 and currently work with adults and children with the Gut and Psychology Syndrome protocol.  For further information on GAPS, please click here

With this knowledge and understanding of how so many aspects of life impact our body’, I’m currently undergoing training at the Institute of Functional Medicine. This is part of my commitment to continuous learning and development of my practice – I have now completed the first part of the training ‘Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice’ in October 2018 in London.

Functional medicine emphasises a definable and teachable process of integrating multiple knowledge bases within a pragmatic intellectual matrix that focuses on functionality at many levels, rather than a single treatment for a single diagnosis. Functional medicine uses the patient’s story as a key tool for integrating diagnosis, signs and symptoms, and evidence of clinical imbalances into a comprehensive approach to improve both the patient’s environmental inputs and his or her physiological function.

The Institute for Functional Medicine teaches health care professional’s how to apply these principles in practice through an intensive 5 day training course called Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice™.

I attended and completed the AFMCP™-UK training in London in 2018.


“I’m a white bread, sausage and big fat burger sort of girl with no intention of changing so a session with a ‘food Doctor’ was off my agenda but then I met Becs, the resident nutritionist at Kaliyoga.  During my week there, I had heard so many great things from people who had gone to see her that I booked myself in. What a brilliant session! she invested so much time getting to know me and the relationship I have with food and how it makes me feel from a digestive point of view to an emotional one. I came back to London and after tweaking my diet, I have bags of energy, do not feel bloated and am armed with a list of foods that I can incorporate in my daily life, including packed lunches that really work  ……….. I’ll never give up my white bread but it now tends to come topped with Bec’s home made chia jam recipe rather than peanut butter and jelly!” 

“I attribute my return to good health more to Bec’s help and advice, than to conventional British medicine. She positively radiates good health and clearly practises what she preaches.

I received clear and sound advice on which foods to avoid or reduce and how to change my diet to improve my symptoms. Her sessions are tailored to meet individual needs and challenges and she has extensive knowledge which goes well beyond nutrition – she has plenty of tips and techniques up her sleeve, for example on how to cleanse the liver and gut, improve organ function, and critically to boost and improve the immune system so that it can combat or manage underlying health problems.

Personally, after 3 sessions with Becs over 1 year, closely following her advice I am a different person, with markedly improved health and heaps more energy. (I cannot recommend her more highly).”

I honestly can’t thank you enough for your nutritional wisdom. I feel like a new woman and feeling very positive.

“After Becs gave a talk at a Retreat I was at, I was inspired to have a private consultation with her, and I am so glad that I did! She did a thorough family and personal health history–more thorough than any traditional doctor I have seen over the years. I’ve had multiple health issues–digestive, anxiety, and allergies–and have only been frustrated by the doctors I’ve seen here in the United States who focus on patching up symptoms with medications. Becs’ insights clarified so many aspects of my health and family history. She took my hectic lifestyle into consideration and gave me practical, easy to adopt dietary changes and supplemental strategies that have made me feel better than I have in my entire life. I can’t recommend her services enough! My mom has met with her over Skype, too, and has seen a marked improvement in her health after following some of Becs’ advice–her rheumatoid arthritis has gone into remission and she doesn’t not suffer quite as severely from IBS as before. Thank you!!!”

My experience of having three hours, one to one with Becs has changed my life and my eating process. As a result I have more energy, am sleeping better and feel emotionally stronger too. 

“You have really helped me to make a difference with my food and I feel so much more informed in terms of what to feed my body and how to look after it. You have made food make sense to me and I really admire your knowledge and dedication, thank you for all your on going support and advice.”

“Since I started the nutritional program with Rebecca I’ve been experiencing many deep changes in my life at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I’ve taken awareness of how important what we eat is and realized that “We are what we eat”, such as how food affects my mental clarity, or my emotional balance.
A big important change for me is that my progesterone hormone level has risen, which is a great success and advance for us,  as the main reason my husband and I were seeing Rebecca was for fertility problems. I feel very happy and satisfied with her work, which I strongly recommend from the heart to all those who wish to have  better understanding of health and personal well-being. Thank you.”