This summer, my partner David is offering two Arthritis Workshops!

This first is a free event in where he will explain a little about his journey with arthritis. How he removed the constant pain he had in his body, as even though it was his knees that were suffering – this caused problems through his feet, back and neck.

He will briefly discuss the methods he used and what made the biggest difference! But also how this journey actually helped him understand more about his own body and improved his mental health too!

The Avalon Room,
4 Glastonbury High Street,

23rd July @ 7.30pm

The second event is a full day at Hawkswood College in Stroud – 29th August.

This event goes into detail on the discovery of David’s arthritis, the different care he sort out and how we finally managed to see changes in his level of pain and inflammation.
He will discuss the dietary changes that were the first that he put in place – followed by the importance of detoxifying the body!

Finally, he will talk about lifestyle changes that he has made throughout later years and share with you his in-depth knowledge on toxicity and how this plays a major part in your long term health.

To book tickets for this event, please contact David by email here:
Price – £30.00 for the day, bring your own lunch.

Hawkswood College, Stroud 10.30 – 4.30pm