” ​I really enjoyed our consultation also, it was exactly what I needed… and more, Thank you!  It was clear that you are very passionate about what you do and are living it! It shines through in your work.. a wonderful client-centered holistic approach! “


What to expect from a Nutrition Consultation

In your initial nutrition consultation, I take an in-depth health history from you which takes around 1.5 hours.  This will include information on diet, lifestyle and family health history.  I will be looking to see triggers that might be re-occuring illnesses, multiple use of antibiotics, genetic predisposition & stress.  These are just a few examples but the list could actually much longer!  Through this I can establish what has impacted upon your body and this will direct the way that we work.   

It is very important that we establish what time you have available for what we call ‘self care’.  This means being open and honest about what you feel is possible within your days / weeks so we can address the most important nutrition goals.

Over 50% of my consultation (if not more!) are now made through the internet!  Tele-medicine is much more frequently used now through mediums such as skype or zoom.  This enables me to have clients all around the world!


Further diagnostic testing may then be suggested during the consultation.  This enables us to work much more closely and see a more precise picture to target food and supplementation. 

I may suggest testing through labs such as: Genova Diagnostics, 23 and Me, or Nutrigenetics. These include tests for: blood haematology and biochemistry, viral and bacterial titres, comprehensive stool analysis and hormones (adrenal, thyroid, oestrogen, testosterone, progesterone), pyroluria, organic acids, amino acids, oxidative stress, vitamin profiles, hair mineral analysis (for a heavy metal toxicity and mineral check), genetic polymorphisms, allergy and food intolerances (including gluten and casein peptides).


In return for all of this information I will device you a working plan – for diet, cleansing and lifestyle changes.  I offer you a range of information to help support the most important aspects from the consultation which can include recipes and supplementation plans

Nutrition is about the education and understanding. We need to give support to the body to allow it to heal, but this is never just one magic pill!  We need to allow time and space for the body and mind to do it’s work. 

Follow Up Consultation

Follow up consultations allows us to work together over weeks and months to monitor your progress.  This is the best way to see long term results.  During subsequent consultations we can adjust the protocol for you to see continued improvements.  Follow up consultations are booked between 4-6 weeks after the initial session.

Consultations are available by internet on Skype, or in person – dependent on location.

I see many adults (and children) for a broad range of nutritional support and lifestyle changes.  Typically people seek advice from us on:

  • energy level balancing
  • sleep support
  • sharpening up the brain and memory
  • supporting mood and response to day to day challenges
  • rebalancing hormones and neurotransmitters
  • re-booting a crashed or out-of-sync immune system (including auto-immunity)
  • testing for food and environmental sensitivities
  • resolving long standing gut issues
  • natural and gentle detoxification
  • healthy and easy diet and lifestyle choices

Consultation Packages: