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Why Natural Nutrition?

Natural Nutritional is a therapy that is so very gentle in the way it works. You will be guided by me, but you are in control and working at your own pace and by doing everything for yourself – you will quickly see what works for your body, mind and soul.

Natural Nutrition is all about empowerment through education and practice.

I have always loved food! Not always the right sorts either – but for me, food and nutrition is a continuous journey of learning….

There are no limits to what we can find out about our bodies and how they utilise the food we give them – so it would be a pleasure to help you understand and listen to your body and live the life you want to!

As I have practiced nutrition over the last few years, I have found that for a client to really make progress, there is a need to have a series of consultations (a minimum of 3).  The initial consultation takes up to 1.5 hours, where l take an in-depth case history from you, so I am able to establish what has impacted upon your body and this will direct the way that we work.   I will be looking for re-occuring illnesses, multiple use of antibiotics, genetic predisposition & stress – are just a few examples, but the list can be long.

From here we will discuss what you are eating, if you take any supplementation or medications and we will talk about your lifestyle.  It is very important that we establish the time you have available and what is do-able for you within this time and what are the most important goals.

In return for all of this information, we will then discuss the best way to move forward – with diet, cleansing and lifestyle.  I can offer you a range of information to help support the most important aspects.  

Nutrition is about the education and understanding – how we need to give support to the body to allow it to heal, but this can take some time.  So, with follow up consultations booked in advance in the following weeks allows us to work together to see progress and to adjust the protocol so you can see continued improvements.

Consultations are available by internet on Skype, or in person – dependent on location.

Consultation Packages: