Laboratory Testing


Getting to the Heart of the Matter – Laboratory Testing

There are times if aren’t quite seeing the results we are hoping for or if we reach a plateau.  Then it maybe appropriate to use laboratory testing to help identify underlying imbalances.

Laboratory testing enables more personalised program to be developed. It can often result in faster resolution and more successful outcomes.  It is also true that for some people, seeing an issue in the black and white of a test result can increase the motivation.  Making it easier to make changes to diet & lifestyle and can enhance compliance.

I use the renowned Genova Diagnostics based in the UK.

Lab testing typically involves stool, saliva, breath or urine samples.  Many of these tests can be done in the comfort of your own home.  Others will require a trip to the laboratory or your clinic to provide the sample, this is the case for most blood tests.

About Genova Testing

Genova testing was established in 1986.  They provide comprehensive and innovative clinical laboratory services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of complex conditions.

Genova’s system based testing can help us develop targeted treatments using detailed actionable information. The internationally renowned lab is committed to the highest standards.  It is certified in the areas of clinical chemistry, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology, microbiology, non-syphilis serology, general immunology, hematology & toxicology.  As well as molecular genetics by six separate health agencies.

Here is a brief outline of some of the tests that can be done.  You can clearly see markers that will determine an exact nutritional and cleansing plan to enable fast and effective healing.

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis – £254

This test assesses your ability to digest and absorb nutrients as well as checking gut flora.  Both good bacteria (e.g lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) and bad bacteria (e.g. campylobacter and E.coli) in addition to yeasts. It is the most advanced non-invasive evaluation of digestion and the colonic environment.  May be recommended for patients with IBS, indigestion and abdominal pain.

IgG4 Food Antibodies – £113

Food sensitivities can occur at any age and trigger a wide range of symptoms. This test measures levels of IgG4 antibodies to 30 commonly offending foods including milk, corn, wheat, egg.  Also with foods that are processed with moulds such as black tea, breads and fruit juices.

Adrenal Stress Profile – £107

This test detects imbalances in the stress hormones cortisol and DHEA. Imbalances in these hormones may be contributing to anxiety, weakness, fatigue and a reduced sense of wellbeing.

Optimum Nutrition Evaluation – £330

This test helps to evaluate digestion and absorption as well as the need for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It also assesses detoxification and neurotransmitter production. A few of the symptoms related to nutritional deficiencies include mood disorders, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, fibromyalgia and fatigue.

Amino Acids Analysis – £200

This test measures all essential, non-essential and various metabolic products of amino acids as found in urine. This test can help to identify protein adequacy, gastrointestinal dysfunctions, protein intolerance, and disorders of metabolism. It can also assess vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Candida Antibodies – £77

Candida is a yeast that is part of our digestive flora.  However in some individuals the natural balance of the gut is disrupted leading to a pathogenic form of the organism. This results in many symptoms ranging from fatigue, bloating, diarrhoea/constipation, muscle aches and headaches, to name a few. This test is used not only for detecting the presence of the infection but also as an indicator of the stage of the condition.

Urine Thyroid Hormones (T3/T4) & Iodine – £151

This test is really useful for detecting low grade hypothyroidism which might go undetected through standard blood tests. Iodine is vital for optimal thyroid health and deficiencies are often implicated in hypothyroidism.

These are just a few of the tests that are available through Genova Labs.  If you would like to book a test or would like further information, please contact me.