Re-New You


Re-New You is a package designed for you if you are looking for complete guidance with manageable small changes. 

The Re-New You allows us to work closely together to facilitate the changes you would like to see.  

I will send you a detailed intake form before we have the initial consultation along with a 3 day food diary.  I will analysis this and then we will have our first consultation which takes about 1.5hours.  After this we will talk 2 weeks to discuss the changes, work through any challenges and update each other on progress.  

After the first consultation I may suggest the need for some functional testing.  This will allow us to pin point certain areas that are more problematic through urine, blood or saliva testing.  If possible, I will refer you to your doctor for this testing through your healthcare provider.

This close contact allows us to build a strong relationship.  It also improves your understanding of food and how it reacts within your body.

During our time together, you could experience better energy, glowing skin and zest for life! 

Through the Re-New You package we will be tracking your changes and you will see real lasting progress and improvements. 

Your investment includes:

1 x Full Consultation (1.5hrs)
6 x Follow-Up Consultation (45mins)

Recipes and cleansing/self-care information and guidance are also included within this package.  Package must be used within a 5 month time frame.

Consultations are made over Zoom, WhatsApp, or in person depending on location.
Any testing is additional to the package cost.

Still not sure?  Email me to arrange a free 20 minutes pre consultation to discuss your needs and how we can work together here: