For the last three years I have been running small and intimate weekend wellness retreats in beautiful countryside locations in the UK & Spain.

I have a wonderful support team of Mel, Clare, Philippa and Nicola who help to support and hold the space for our guests.

The weekend retreats vary in theme, but in the past we have held Stress Busting weekends, Raw Superfood Cleanse weekends and Wellness weekends.

During the retreat we use organic nutrient dense wholefoods foods to nurture and nourish.  We include juices, smoothies, clean pure water and amazing herbal teas – to ensure your body is bursting with vitality by the end!  The menus are gluten, sugar & grain free and extremely delicious!  We aim to cater for all needs and special diets given enough notice.

Throughout the retreats I offer a range of nutrition based workshops to educate and inspire better food choices.  We also include yoga and meditation to stretch and relax both body and mind, with enough free time to explore your surrounding area.

Click here for details of our 2018 Weekend Retreats!

Retreat food

“This retreat was a great experience and has helped me re-calibrate and be more considerate about the food I am eating.  Becs is beyond knowledgeable and her expertise and persona is calm, kind and generous.  I would highly recommend spending some time with this team!”

“The setting was nice, the venue comfortable and the Retreat Leaders very inspiring! It was a privilege and a great pleasure to share all the experiences with such lovely people and Becs and her team have inspired me to include as much of their teaching as possible into my life from now on.”

“The retreat facilities, the food and massage treatment were all great.  I wanted to say that all of you girls were great, particularly your passion, your dedication and your availability to answer any of our questions – Becs you were shining!”

“I had been looking forward to this retreat for a long time and it was a rich and transformative weekend.  A good venue and great mixture of work, study, food and yoga with lots of great trips to take home!”

“I always think that results speak for themselves…. I can honestly say everyone on the retreat looked healthier & more relaxed. All the staff involved were truly wonderful, caring and compassionate. I feel as though my mind and body have been truly nourished!”

“A fantastic retreat, full of delicious healthy and raw food, soothing yoga and lots of insights about nutrition and diet which I have taken away. It gave me time out of my busy life to learn and reflect and I felt fab on Monday morning as a result!”

“The retreat and the information provided by Becs has definitely made me realise – I must take better care of myself; I feel I have a better understanding of nutrition and how essential it is for optimum functioning. Becs is very effective at making nutrition become more accessible in terms of understanding how it should be approached. What is wonderful is that I enjoy taking better care of myself, the retreat and Bec’s input were instrumental in my being able to do this.”

“Becs you were the most amazing host, you are a fountain of knowledge and devoted every moment of the weekend to answering questions and helping us to understand our bodies more fully.  The food was incredible all weekend, it inspired and comforted – as well as giving us the energy for our yoga!”

What will you find (or lose) on your journey…

More than a week away – our week long retreat in April 2015 in the Spanish mountains with eight guests couldn’t have been better – great improvements in general health and awareness…for all of them to take home.


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