Starter Pack



If you want to make a start to better health, but are unsure where to begin, my Starter Pack might be just the option!  

With this option, I will send you an initial intake questionnaire and a 3 day food diary – these must be returned at least 24 hours beforehand. 

I will analyse your details and together we can prioritise the areas that need immediate attention.  This package will allow us to work together over a 2 period, to practically begin to make changes.

The follow-up consultations ideally will be 2-3 weeks later and it will allow us to discuss how these changes have affected you.  We can talk over any doubts or questions you have and what can happen next.  At this point I may suggest the need for some functional testing to allow us to understand your health concerns further – this can be done through urine, blood or saliva testing through specialist labs.

From my experience, it takes time to see and feel the benefits of nutritional therapy.  So at this point, you may feel the need to book some additional follow-up sessions, which we can package together and spread over a number of weeks.

I will often make the suggestion to use some supplements and possible lifestyle modifications to help re-establish balance within your body.

Your investment includes:

1 x Full Consultation (1.5hrs)

3 x Follow-Up Consultations (45mins)

Guidance notes and recipes (if applicable) and email contact between calls/meetings to answer any questions/queries that may arise.  Consultations take place on Zoom, WhatsApp, or in person.

This package would be used within 

Not sure?  Email me to arrange a free 20 minute chat to discuss your needs and how we might be able to work together: