Laboratory Testing

Getting to the Heart of the Matter – Testing

During a nutrition consultation there maybe times when it would be beneficial to see a clearer picture.  This is when I might refer you for functional laboratory testing.  This also might happen if we aren’t seeing the results we are hoping for or if we reach a plateau in your health.  These are the times when it maybe appropriate to use tests to help identify underlying imbalances.

Testing enables me to apply a more personalised nutrition program to be developed.  It can also result in faster resolution and more successful outcomes.  It is also true that for some people, seeing an issue in the black and white of a test result can increase the motivation needed to make changes to diet & lifestyle and can enhance compliance.

Working with Becs has been a life saver these last few months, to help me address some long term health issues and learn new healthier habits for life. She’s always very mindful of the pressures of your lifestyle and flexes her approach to ensure the plan works for you. Whilst the nutritional advice and supplements have been invaluable, I’ve particularly liked the rigorous and forensic aspect of the approach Becs has advised with various blood and stool tests. These have enabled us to confirm in back and white what the issues were with my health and to form a long term plan to tackle them and measure change. And it’s very reassuring and motivating to see the improvements come through when the tests are repeated.

Whilst some of the tests are not cheap, it’s a really valuable investment in your long term health which I’d take anytime over a designer pair of shoes or handbag.

2019 for me was all about investing in myself and taking on Becs’s has been the best decisions I’ve taken so far this year.”

Emily from London

Testing Options:

If you are interested in a specific test – please keep reading to see which option you feel would be beneficial.  I use Genova Laboratories for most tests, although there are other options available with 23 and Me and Thriva.

Once the test results have been received, you will need to book in a follow-up consultation to discuss these results.  From this, I can then design your dietary plan, supplements & detox pathways to work on.

If you are interested in a genetic test for overall health – this can be discussed over a short Skype check-in call, but an hour’s consultation will be required once the results are received to further discuss changes that need to be applied.

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