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7 Day Online Course – Winter Wellness & Immune Resilience

Would you like help with Winter Wellness?

  • Building your Immunity this winter
  • Reducing Inflammation in the Gut to Support Wellness
  • Supporting your barrier function to stop infections
  • Improving mental health in the winter
  • Reducing Stress to Improve Immune Protection

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these – then sign up for my 7-Day Online Program for Winter Wellness to help you with…

  • Increasing your intake of nutrient-dense foods
  • Have more mental clarity and a balanced mood
  • Improve digestion and increase your gut bugs…

I have designed this course has been to help you and your family help to navigate this winter to stay well and healthy!  Scroll down for more information!

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When you choose to invest in your health, you are building a better future…   

My Winter Wellness Package includes

  • A 45-minute Opening Class to explain how to navigate the week and the protocol and supplements.
  • A 60-minute class on understanding immunity by looking at different organs and the gut microbiome, and answering any questions you have.
  • A second 45-60 minute class to explain more about the colors of foods, how to navigate supplements and which ones to look out for
  • Daily protocol.
  • Delicious recipes to choose from throughout the week.
  • Handouts to help guide you through the week on the importance of fibre, medicinal mushrooms, and much more…
  • List of supplements that my family & I use, to assist you with the protocol.
  • Instructions for the purchase of any recommended supplements (UK & Europe only).
  • Online support from me throughout the week.

What you will learn:

  • What is your immune system.
  • Why we need different fibre to feed the microbiome and are you really getting enough?
  • Why there is such importance around the colour of your food.
  • How to combat low mood during the winter months and why we are more exposed to this.
  • Which herbs & spices can be used for making tea and infusions, by why they are helpful for the microbiome.
  • How to feel nourished, well-fed, and eat delicious food throughout the winter months.
  • What superfoods can be used for building immunity and why you can include certain ones in your diet.
  • The importance of stress management and its impact on your wellness and immunity.WHEN: Starting on 7th November 2022
    PRICE: £89.00

Like the sound of it, but still not sure?
Have a look at some of the Client testimonials from previous Online Courses!  Click Here

This Winter Wellness Course is designed for everyone!

But especially those who feel their immunity system isn’t functioning at its optimum level, or if you have high levels of inflammation and struggle to keep your mood balanced in these darker months.

Or maybe you are looking for some general support to help eat more real food and drop the processed food.

My support and guidance are available to you wherever your location may be.  You will find your needs met with menu plans, supplement practices, and daily guidance.

If it feels a bit daunting – Why not grab a friend and complete the Winter Wellness together? You can trade off the shopping and create your own personal support system!

Now is the time!  Sign up n the button below