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Why Nutrition?

As a nutritional therapist, I will look at all aspects of your health, not just the food that you are eating!  I will be assessing you as a whole person and not just an isolated issue that maybe arising.

After confirming your booking, I will send you a detailed intake form and a 3 day food diary for you to fill in and return to me, at least 24 hours before we talk.

In the initial consultation we will discuss aspects of your health history of from birth til now.  We might concentrate on certain areas that are problematic such as your digestive system, hormones or respiratory system, as well as discussing your diet and lifestyle further.

Nutritional therapy is about preventative medicine as well as looking to reverse symptoms that maybe arising through nutrient deficiency.  Through food and lifestyle changes we will be able to address these symptoms and regain balance in your physical, mental and emotional self.

Nutritional therapy can work very well alongside conventional medicine, by nourishing your body with the essential macro and micro nutrients, such as vitamin and minerals that maybe missing.

I may suggest supplements that can be used to help address deficiency – we try and do this from food as much as possible, but at times we need larger amounts.

Functional tests may also be suggested.  We use these when we need more in depth information on cellular energy, detoxification or hormones.  We can also use stool testing to understand more about the diversity of bacteria in the gut, if there are certain parasites or bacteria present that is causing the problem.

As you can see – there is more to nutritional therapy than meets the eye!

Becs has made such a difference to my daily life that I am astounded.

Three months after taking the supplements that she prescribed, and tweaking my food, my rheumatoid arthritis pain is so diminished that regular painkillers no longer featured in my life. The brain fog has virtually disappeared, and so has the debilitating female health issues caused by my menopause.

Becs is easily 20 – 30 years younger than me yet her empathetic approach to her clients takes her into your world. She understands your challenges and finds ways to overcome them. Like most of her clients, I cannot recommend Becs highly enough.

I see many adults (and children) for a broad range of nutritional support and lifestyle changes.  Typically people seek advice from us on:

  • energy level balancing
  • sleep support
  • sharpening up the brain and memory
  • supporting mood and response to day to day challenges
  • rebalancing hormones and neurotransmitters
  • re-booting a crashed or out-of-sync immune system (including auto-immunity)
  • testing for food and environmental sensitivities
  • resolving long standing gut issues
  • natural and gentle detoxification
  • healthy and easy diet and lifestyle choices

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